I have three sets of material on how to give a good research presentation, some of it available as a .pdf, some in video, some in both formats.

Here are annotated slides on How to Give a Good Research Presentation. Below each slide I write out what I would say were I giving this talk live. The talk articulates three key elements of a good research presentation, and illustrates each element with a variety of examples from across all fields of micro.

You can also watch this as a 39 minute presentation, with me talking over slides, right here.

To accompany the above, I have a illustrative presentation on recent paper of mine that motivates all three of these essential elements and illustrates each in the context of a single paper. It is only 25 minutes long. The presentation is HERE and the slides, if you want a copy, are HERE. The timeline of the video is as follows:

* 0:00 preliminary material
* 2:20 introduction
* 2:54 I begin my talk
* 4:47 I begin the "illustrative presentation" part of my talk
* 30:22 the presentation ends and I start taking questions.

This talk was done as part of the economics ProSem, which I gladly recommend to people joining our profession! Link to the research it refers to is HERE.

Designing good presentation slides often means doing description (tables, graphs) well. I articulate key principles for doing this in Chapter 7 of my book, Methods of Economic Research: Craftsmanship and Credibility in Applied Microeconomics. More information about that book can be found HERE.